Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Spell: Tally the Numbers

Because you like math and need more spells.

Tally the Numbers
Level 1
Duration: 24 hours
Target: Self
Choose 1 + 1 more for every other caster level numbers between 1-20. Note them down.
If any of those unmodified numbers turn up on a d20 roll before the duration of the spell is up, strike the number from that list, add a Fortune Counter to the caster.

A Fortune Counter can be spent to do any of the three following things:

  • Deal maximum damage with one attack
  • Reroll a dice roll
  • Lower damage dealt to you by d6
  • Ignore a critical hit against you, or a fumble you do
  • Give advantage to one roll
    Unspent tokens will disappear once the spell elapses.

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